Reginah Mwanza: Station Manager
An accredited kenyan journalist with the media council of Kenya.
Has keen interest on human interest/ health stories.
Has a strong marketing background and opts to use her own strategies to market the FM.
Reginah has worked for different media houses in kenya


Harriet Atyang  Support (remote) manager. Radio journalist by training and profession. Born in Kenya by Kenyan parents. Aims to help refugees and host communities to make their station reach many more listeners.



Management/jounalist: Santos Madhieu.

The voice of the news. From South Sudan. Certificate in Journalism, Film Making and Film Production at FilmAid International. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Media Communication at the Africa Digital Media Institute ADMI in Nairobi.

Felix Byeka Waso. Specialist and teacher in Aeron Broadcast and D&R Airence mixing table. From Democratic Republic of Congo. Born in 1987. Came to Kakuma in 2018. Worked as a Teacher at Future Primary School at Kalobeyei. In Congo: worked for Watchman International as Youth Animator resp. Cordinator for Youth. And worked for Colombe FM Radio as a presenter running programs in Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi and in a mix of French and English. Graduated in 2010 at the Social Sciences Department at the Great Lakes University at Bumbura.

Baluu Wol Makuach.

Pasion for news and morning programs is his thing. From South Sudan. Born in 1991 Came to Kakuma in 1992. Diploma in Film and Journalism Studies at the ADMI in Kenya. Award winning filmmaker of 'Broken Ties'. News contributor at The New Humanitarian Organization. Correspondent at Kakuma News Reflector (KANERE). Incentive worker (researcher) for UNHCR. In South-Sudan: Humanitarian Worker with the Malaria Consortium


Flora Sida Aziz.

She brings the news in English and Kiswahili on REF-FM KK. From South Sudan, arrivied in Kakuma in 2003, eldest of 11 brothers and sisters, ICT-student at Don Bosco Technical Institute,  has a great passion for journalism.

Moses Reath Chuol

Sports news is his specialty. From South Sudan. Born in 1988. Came to Kakuma in 2011. Certificate in Journalism, Film Making and Film Production at FilmAid International. Experience in print and multimedia journalism. Worked for FilmAid as content writer. Freelance graphic designer and digital marketear.

Akune Obang Atale

From Ethiopia. Born in 1990. Came to refugee camp Dadaab, Kenya, in 2005, and to Kalobeyei in 2017. Acquired a certificate in journalism, filmaking and audio production at FilmAid International and at Africa Digital Multimedia Institute (ADMI) in 2013, 2017 and 2018 in Dadaab resp Kakuma refugee camp. Consultant on radio spot messages for FilmAid from 2018 to 2019.

Tony Gustave Mundele

The late Night Show but also focus on local talent is where we know Tony from. He is also one of the voices of the news. From Democratic Republic of Congo. Born in 1997. Came to Kalobeyei in 2016 Certificates in Journalism, Film Making and Film Production at FilmAid International, photojournalism at Michigan State University, and Child's Rights and Human Rights. In Congo: radio reporter for Radio Maria Catholic.

Viola Teleka Moris

She is the familiar and always freindly voice in the afternoon. From Uganda, South Sudanese by nationality, married and mother of one child,  arrived in Kenya in 2019, finished high school and she wants to become a professional journalist.


Sabina Stella Sisto

From South Sudan, head of her family, arrived in Kenya in 2016, was trained in journalism, finished form 4, and aims to become a professional journalist.